Vanessa Lim

Vanessa Lim is an independent illustrator and designer based in Singapore. She’s never afraid to unleash her inner silly side as she gives life to ordinary everyday objects through her playful humorous creations. Her experience spans from self-initiated to commercial projects for independent and multi-national brands.
Q: What did you want to be as a kid?
A: Nothing special, I wanted to grow up as an adult.
But now as am adult I wanted to be a kid.
Q: What inspired your art?
A: Sounds cheesy but everyday life, how I see things or interact with people.
Animation and daily life. Anything that seems funny to me. Mundane life. How I see the world.
Q: Use 3 words to describe yourself.
A: Colorful. Chilled. Calm
Q: If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?
A: I would still be an artist. I will still be a creator of sorts. Creative and stuff that’s not too mainstream.
Q: Where can we find you on weekends?
A: On my bed or east coast park. Rower’s bay park.

The Feelings


Founded from New Zealand shores in 2020.
We launched New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore,Taiwan, Vietnam and recently Indonesia. Next on our horizon is, Thailand, Malaysia, Philipines and looking at opportunities in the Northern Hemisphere.
Stay tuned for more good times.