Molly Payton

Aotearoa’s sweetest, @mollypayton is up next in our Everyday Legends series.⁠

Kiwi-born, but currently stomping UK grounds, Molly is a fast-rising indie talent in the music scene, and you can bet we’re sipping seltzer’s to her latest mini album ’Slack’ all summer long! 🔥⁠

1. What did you want to be when you were a kid?⁠
Obviously like any sane child I wanted to be a rockstar or a magician, but I also loved dinosaurs and space so maybe a palaeontologist or an astronaut.⁠

2. If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?⁠
I don’t know really!! I got into music so young that it’s become my whole life. My eggs have always kinda been in that one basket. Probably something involving writing, it’d be awesome to write a screenplay for film or something. Or write children’s books!!!⁠

3. Who’s your favourite kiwi artist that we should be keeping an eye on? And why?⁠
three quarter marathon are incredible. It’s Reuben Scott’s project, he played on my latest mini album and is an insane musician. Definitely worth listening to, my fav song of theirs atm is wise words for bored birds.⁠

4. Best way to experience your music?⁠
Go and sit on a beach by yourself (or somewhere you feel peaceful) at golden hour with your favourite beverage!! Best way to experience any music.⁠

5. Best band / solo of all time? Living or not.⁠
I can’t give you my all time favourite because it’s too hard to choose, but Big Thief have been a favourite recently. Or bob Dylan.⁠

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