Emanuel Psathas

Emanuel Psathas, AKA @name_ul, is an up and coming Wellington based rapper/producer, who’s gone from recording rhymes in his bedroom to sharing stages with other legendary Kiwi musicians at festivals like @nestfest_nz 🔥

1. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A dancer. Like a legit touring hip hop dancer haha.

2. If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?
Writer or Journalist.

3. Who’s your favourite kiwi artist that we should be keeping an eye on? And why? Arjuna Oakes. He’s got it. Trust me. This guy is already creating, writing and performing at the highest level and it blows my mind that NZ hasn’t properly caught on yet. Seriously, go listen to one of his tracks right now and definitely go see him perform live. You’ll see what I mean.

4. Best way to experience your music? Alone with headphones in on a walk early morning.

5. Best band / solo of all time? Living or not.
Tough one. I think for me Kendrick Lamar is certainly up there. He cannot miss, I mean every single album he has dropped is 10/10. Lyrically unmatched, production is out of this world, thematic and conceptual elements are deep and complex while keeping the surface level easy to digest. All his features are top tier. Also he has perfectly balanced tapping into the mainstream and staying true to his core underground following. The messages in his tracks stem from deeply personal situations yet they can be applied universally. He is without a doubt my main role model in music and mirrors a career I would only hope to have one day.
📸 Image 1 by @atmosfilmproductions, image 3 & 4 (top left) by @heist_kwoe, image 4 bottom right by @innersauge_


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